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Educational Technology Platforms
ePortfolio: PebblePad
Blog: Digital Cultures [Archive: 2011: Sep, Oct 1-15, Oct 16-31, Nov 1-21, Nov 22-Dec 2] [Lifestream: Sep-Dec 2011, Summary]
Blog: Holyrood Park IDEL11 [Archive: 2011]
Intro to Digital Environments for Learning (IDEL11)
Holyrood Park Blog
Moodle/SLoodle Experiments Documented via Blog Entries on Holyrood Park [Blog Extract] --> [DOC] [PDF]
Holyrood Park PBWiki for Weeks 8-9
Understanding Learning Course Work (ULOE11)
Learner Group Analysis: Emergency Responders
Learning Challenge: Junior Hairdresser
E-Learning and Digital Cultures Course Work (EDC11)
Course Forum
2 x HD x bat Life Wall
AI - Avatar Indentity
Another Planet
Think like a ...
GA-MMA Ethnography
I, PI, ... Eye
Intro to Digital Game-Based Learning (GBL11)
Holyrood Park Blog
Moon Bloom - The Legend of the Bloom of the Aligned Moons
Space-Themed Games for Learning [Synoptic Essay and Review] 11-Apr-2012
Space Themed Game Blog Posts
MoonWorld - Virtual World for Inquiry and Planetary Geology Field Work [My MoonWorld Review] 16-Apr-2012
Tate, A. (2012) 'Activity in Context' - Planning to Keep Learners 'in the Zone' for Scenario-based Mixed-Initiative Training, MSc in e-Learning Dissertation, Moray House School of Education, University of Edinburgh, 9th August 2012. [MS Word Format ] [PDF Format ]
Dissertation Resources
OpenSim NPC Scripts
Digital Education - Showcase
Alumni - Austin Tate [Local Copy (PDF)]
Showcase - Moon Bloom - The Legend of the Bloom of the Aligned Moons [Local Copy (PDF)]

MSc in e-Learning Course Information

MSc in e-Learning Graduation