AI - Avatar Identity - a Visual Exploration

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Design Rationale:
"I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together" Beatles Lyrics Visual style: at side of a methane lake on Titan, peering through the orange clouds to the rings of Saturn See Fast, Far, Forever Blog for back story about Titan Mixed with a surreal Pensacola Beach with palms on side of the sea as in film of Contact film scene with "Ellie". Experiment with new OpenSim functionality to create Non-Player Characters (NPCs) or avatar clones Opportunity to test and demonstrate NPC scripting facilities Static screen shots. Details of how to visit in OpenSim, including viewer setup parameters Using avatars in various clothing styles used from 2005-2011 which feel "comfortable" or "familiar", and those which feel "uncanny", "strange" or "OOC" Thumbnail strips and screen shots of each on white background Ai Be Use of acronynms, typography, punctuation characters in a visual style Wordle scatter tag cloud of page content and avatar identity tags. Transcript of Ai an Be MyCyberTwins talking together with some seed discussion items. Ai and Be MyCyberTwin embedded elements to their web chat interface. AI vs. AI chat Ai to Be chat original

Visual Elements:
Carl Sagen's Contact Film - Surreal Beach Scene - Pensacola Beach Huygens at Titan by Emile Raphael Franco for Planetary Society Art Competition - Strange Landscape Ghostly Cloud Avatar Unfamiliar OpenSim Avatar Clone (Non-Player Character - NPC)
Unsettling Multiple avatar clones and avatar clouds emerge Avatar Identity                Ai & Be MyCyberTwin's Chatting - Chat Log

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