Another Planet

Well, yes, most likely. Perhaps several today.

Non-linear essay employing a customised Typographical Visual "Neo-Grammar". Experimentation with expressing the core "connectors" in a type and layout style and with interactive linking capabilities well suited to on-line communications of layers of content.

[Planets -> Locales -> Connectors — Annotations] replaces traditional paragraphs, sentences, terms and tokens. "Planet" is interpreted broadly as a location whether on or off the Earth, and whether real or imaginary. "Locale" is a context within which the story or character exists. Connectors draw links between identities created or refined in the context of the planet and locale, and show their roots, examine some of their likely meaning, and make appropriate links to educational studies and literature. Annotations optionally add more information.

I mean Projective Identity to be interepreted as a positive and creative phenomenen, as in Gee (2003).

Example worlds include:

Sources to draw on include:


Gee (2003) Gee, James Paul (2003) "Learning and Identity: what does it mean to be a half-elf?" from Gee, James Paul, What video games have to teach us about learning and literacy, pp 51-71, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.


This composition is made up of a non-ordered reified set of connectors.

Grammar ::=
    <Planet>: <Locale>: <Connector>

Optionally followed by:
    — <Annotation>

<Connector> ::=
    Token —⊂ Token


Tokens are provided here with <name="..."> tagging accessible by clicking on tokens in connectors. Token types include literature citations, quotes, snippets, and references.