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Pandora is one of many moons orbiting the gas giant planet Polyphemus in the binary star system of Alpha Centauri. It has a rich and varied flora and fauna. The indigenous people are called the Na'vi. Many Na'vi have been left with ill feelings to humans from the planet Earth due to earlier hostile actions by the RDA development corporation who sought to mine rare materials on Pandora, and went to war with the native people in their exploitation of the moon's resources. Pandora's atmosphere is toxic to humans.

Moon Bloom - The Legend of the Bloom of the Aligned Moons

The location and true colour of the Moon Bloom is the subject of legend. It is told that the bloom releases its pollen when the essence of a number of other plants is brought nearby. It is also supposed that its colour actually varies through a special interaction between the plant's bioluminescence and the colour of the predominant Moon. It is rumoured that its "true" colour can only be observed when the Moons are aligned, and the plant is observed with "Pure Light" - an artifact known only to clan leaders (Tse'huk), spiritual leaders (Etuykan) and some teachers (Karyu) in some Na'vi clans.

Resources to assist in your quest to find the legendary bloom:

Plants to Find

Pandoran Flora in Second Life

Plants in the ecologically sensitive regions of Pandora must not be picked. Just identify and note their location (which can be obtained in the Second Life Viewer Map by using "Copy SLurl" to the Clipboard), take a snapshot of those you find, and touch the plant briefly to see its reaction (if any) and to pick up its essence into an "Essence Mixer" that is used by Na'vi healers and is available locally.

The Plants can be found in 4 sets... via the "Nature Trail" (a guided tour to assist you), on the "Forest Trek" (where your field guide and roving hunters and healers may be able to help you), on the "Pandora Expedition" (which will require knowledge of the area's cultural background, environmental sensitivity, skill and capability, as well as preparation) and the final quest for sight of the Moon Bloom itself (a hazardous journey into remote parts).

Octoshroom Helicoradian Fire Weed Woodsprite Puffer
  1. Octoshroom
  2. Helicordian
  3. Fire Weed
  4. Wood Sprite/Atokirina - Tip: usually found near the Tree of Souls
  5. Puffer
  6. ...

It is essential that you complete the Nature Trail and find each specimen, as that will also provide necessary tools and skills. At least one plant from each of the other sets must be discovered in order to have the minimum requirements for the Moon Bloom to open when you are nearby.

Plants Location and Pure Light Reporting

Fantasy Flora Forest Moon Bloom - a rare variety of the Tendril Palm Blue

Note added 19-Sep-2017: In September 2017, Linden Lab introduced a Second Life grid wide "hunt" game called Tyrah and the Curse of the Magical Glytches which has some of the features of MoonBloom.

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