Moon Bloom Frequently Asked Questions

Please send an e-mail to if you have any questions or comments about Moon Bloom. This FAQ page will seek to give answers to questions which could assist other participants.

  1. Q: Why am I asked to wear a tag when I play?

    The rules of role play areas usually require players to wear a tag that can keep a score or indicate the level of the player for realistic character interaction. See this Wikipedia Article. Out-of-Character (OOC) or Visitor tags are provided to allow others to explore the role play areas without spoiling things for other enagaged players.
  2. Q: If I enter the game regions in Second Life, am I obliged to interact with other players and avatars I come across?

    As long as you respect the rules of the role play area you are not obliged to interact. If you are wearing an Out of Character (OOC) tag you are asked not to interact with other in character role players in open chat. Use IM if you wish to speak with anyone in character. Remember these are real people and be respectful of them, and the people who provide such role play areas for the enjoyment of others. If you feel any play you see is inappropriate, just leave the area and please report your experience and the avatar name involved to
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