Intelligent Task Support

Adding Intelligence to Communication and Coordination Systems

What is "Intelligent Task Support"?
  • Intelligent Task Support software helps teams and team coordinators execute complex tasks.
  • I-C2 uses "Actionable Intelligence" to underpin this support.
What is Actionable Intelligence?
  • In information portals, plans and procedures are usually stored as documents, not knowledge.
  • With I-C2, you can store plans as knowledge which the system can reason about and act on.
What are the benefits of Intelligent Task Support?
  • I-C2 software tracks information from people and sensors.
  • It can identify significant events and relate them to existing plans.
  • It can reason about the unfolding situation.
  • It can help generate and execute an appropriate course of action.
How is this achieved?
  • All the actions of the I-C2 software are based on a detailed understanding of the developing situation, for which we use specially developed knowledge representation tools.
  • Sophisticated planning and decision support software makes use of this knowledge to reason about unfolding events and suggest actions to the user.
  • Specialized visualization tools ensure that all participants in the interaction remain fully aware of all events.

Intelligent Task Support

I-C2 Systems creates software which adds intelligent task support to enterprise information portals and virtual operations centres. This software assists users and teams in the execution of complex tasks.

An example of such a task is an Emergency Response Situation. When faced with an emergency, the emergency response coordinators typically need to cope with unusual and unexpected information streams. At the same time they need to follow specific but sometimes rarely used plans and procedures, and coordinate the emergency response across different teams and agencies.

Actionable Intelligence

I-C2 allows these plans and procedures to be stored, not as documents, but as knowledge or actionable intelligence. When deployed, I-C2's Intelligent Task Support software tracks information streams - e.g. the actions of field responders, the availability of a service, the activities of a robot or the output of a sensor. It uses this information to make sense of events as they unfold, and relates these events to plans and procedures. Because the plans and procedures are stored as actionable intelligence, it can reason about possible outcomes, and suggest a course of action to the user.


I-C2's Intelligent Task Support is built on advanced planning and decision support techniques, to represent plans and reason about them in a dynamic environment.

The visualization tools at the core of I-C2's Intelligent Task Support software ensure that all team members have a shared understanding of the task, the unfolding events, the planned actions and all the team members' responsibilities and capabilities.

This shared view of the unfolding situation is based on a shared ontology, for which I-C2 uses advanced knowledge representation techniques and semantic web tools.

Because of its adherence to standards and its modular design, it can be used as an add-on to existing enterprise information portals and virtual operations centres.

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I-C2's Intelligent Task Support software helps teams and team coordinators execute complex tasks more effectively.

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Management & Vision:

I-C2 Systems was founded by Marc Moens and Austin Tate. Find out more about their background and their vision for I-C2 Systems.


I-C2 Systems is evaluating the use of I-X from the University of Edinburgh's Artificial Intelligence Applications Institute (AIAI) alongside other complementary intelligent systems technologies.

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