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1951 Austin & big brother Morris Knottingley West Yorkshire Gran Tate & Austin at Bridlington, 1952 Bridlington Schoolfriends Scottish Country Dancing 2nd Knottingley Boy Scouts
Fox Patrol Leader, 1960s Boy Scouts Cycling Bike Patrol Kemlo, Space Scout Kemlo Gerry Anderson Gerry Anderson's Supercar - 3D Model in OpenSim Supercar Mike Mercury X-15 - Fly into space in the 1950s X-15 Scientist 1961 1962, Austin off to The King's School King's School Pontefract Michael Charlton North Landing, Selina Thorpe Painting 2009 North Landing, Flamborough, 1968 Flamborough Cross-Country Running Isle of Arran Hill Walking Slot Racing 1960s - Remember? Mini Free Radio Member of 4 UK Drag Racing Clubs.
BDRA, BHRA, NSA and BQMA British Quarter Mile Association.
One of Founders and Competitions Secretary.
Designed BQMA Logo De Lacy Motor Club of Pontefract Member A 53.
Winner of two driving test competitions Rallying Drag Racing Land Speed Records Margaret Mowbray, just 17 Surfing in Newquay with Roger Mowbray Sea City Architecture Computers Leeds Polytechnic COBOL Apollo Moon 1969 VCG - Vauxhall Craftmen's Guild Participant Model Making Lancaster Gran POP-2 Artificial Intelligence Lake District Walking Hard Rock Cafe, London, 1971,
while at IJCAI-71, my first IJCAI Camping France Graph Traverser 4 Austin Tate B.A. 1972, Graduating at Lancaster 1972 40 years of Learning at Edinburgh,
PhD Student in 1972-5, MSc Student in 2011/12 Donald Michie Photography Mountaineering Graphic Art Turkey & Greece Great Auk - Extinct in 1844 Bird Watching Egypt Interplan ARPANet Planning Ph.D. IJCAI-75 USSR Margaret and Austin Marriage - Rolf Hanni Best Man
Pontefract and Castleford Express Rolf Hänni Handa Orkney Shetland Fetlar Albert the Albatross Nonlin Freddy II Freddy II Nuclear Power - No Thanks - Torness Demo 1976 ERCC Databases Tommy Thomas Microcomputers Austin & Margaret Sledging Competitions Secretary for
Scottish Skateboard Association Skateboarding Skiing Kassbohrer PistenBully 400.
Would love to drive this PistenBully 1982 First Edinburgh Marathon
Medal 5th September 1982 Edinburgh Marathon AIAI Austin Tate and Jim Howe.
Lasers, Quazars and Trailblazers Jim Howe 1985 Japan Round-the-World Hawaii Austin tate - The Australian - 1988 Australia Edinburgh Marathon Voyager. Nonlin design used as basis for
Steve Veres Deviser planner at JPL Voyager Roller Coasting Disney ARPI Rick Hayes-Roth, Rob Milne, Ed Feigenbaum and Austin Tate
Planning Initiative - 1989 Nort Fowler Toyota MR-2 X 2 Toyota MR2 Fanderson 1991 WWW Formula 1 Gran Turismo Fanderson Supercar Comic 0 - with 3D Models by Austin Tate Hypersonics SR-71 Blackbird. My favourite plane SR-71 PlanERS-1 European Space Agency Optimum-AIV UoSAT-2 Margaret and Austin - Gay Gordons Céilidh Iridium Layer Great Auk O-Plan UoSAT-2 2000 I-X CoAX Sony AIBO - Kilobyte AIBO Helpful Environment Second Life Avatar Austin Tate and Ai Austin
3 for the price of 1 Ai Austin Margaret and Austin at Freddy Reunion 2009 Chardonnay 2010 I-Room I-Room Vue Vue OpenSim IHMC KSCO OpenVCE Austin Tate - PhD Robe - 2011 2012 FREng MSc in e-Learning Virtual Reality Virtual Reality 2015 Nova Scotia 2016 New Zealand Shotover Jet New Zealand New Zealand Middle Earth 2017 Patagonia Patagonia Cerro Torre Austin & Margaret at Cerro Torre TBA

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